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Benghazi Guide & Libya

Lanuching the Benghazi Guide App

Benghazi Guide

We are pleased to launch Benghazi Guide App, an offline and free guide for local, expats and all our visitors. Benghazi guide include thousands of places and contacts on the go, customize your trip itineraries, easy to use offline maps & navigation, augmented reality and trip sharing!

Benghazi Guide Features

  1. Free download , free to use and free content updated daily.
  2. Add places, businesses, activities for free.
  3. Offline map & location-based navigation GPS to help you find nearby places to visit and show you how to get there.
  4.  Discover Libya & nearby towns, and give your opinion and share your favorite places (Restaurant, attraction, shoppings and more) with your friends.
  5. Travel guide with top attractions, shopping, accommodations, restaurants, Business, Services, Health and events. Includes ratings, reviews and daily updates.
  6. Around me feature helps you discover places near your location.
  7. Intelligent trip itineraries automatically personalized for you based on your travel interests, trip dates, accommodation and the ratings of other travellers.
  8. Share your trip with family and friends by sending them a postcard or photos directly through the app!
  9. Find important contacts places & more.
  10. Available on iOS and Android.